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The Best Spot in Years

I came across this Johnnie Walker spec commercial by Dorian & Daniel. This amazing piece aptly titled, “Dear Brother”, was done entirely by the then the student duo. The spot was done so immaculately well that it engages the viewer emotionally, connecting the user to the brand, placing it appropriately within the given lifestyle and events. Most brand spots are cold and artificial; creating a fake lifestyle instead of accurately depicting the brand within our life. Not too long ago I lost a dear friend from college, a brother you might say. Even though we were not biologically related, this spot engaged me on a deep personal level, reminding me of the time we shared together through college and the few years after.

Dorian & Daniel clearly understand branding with a very humanistic approach. Hopefully the future of advertising lends itself to a more honest and engaging approach. I don’t know if Johnnie Walker actually paid for the spot, but if not it was clearly a win-win for both the brand and the creators Dorian & Daniel. Before you play be sure to hit full screen and then put on your best headphones or speakers because the poem (by John “Bang” Reilly) and score (by Renée Abe) were original too. If it weren’t for these 2 key players the spot would not have worked. Enjoy!

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