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I help forward-thinking brands achieve clarity of their organizational, advertising, and branding efforts by delivering enterprise strategic, technological, and creative excellence that motivates action and drives true impact.
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Growing Pains: When Agencies Outgrow Their Digs

Growing Pains: When Agencies Outgrow Their Digs

Nobody likes moving – especially businesses. But if your burgeoning agency has outgrown its current space, you may not have any choice but to start the hunt. With climbing rents and limited resources, small businesses must think strategically in order to find a space that meets their needs without breaking the bank. Every business’s needs are different and what works…

Net Neutrality: How It Affects SEO and Web Marketing

Net Neutrality: How It Affects SEO and Web Marketing

Net Neutrality is an issue that can significantly affect SEO and web marketing, but is it badly overlooked by the industry. However, with the US Justice Department issuing a filing against Net Neutrality, this becomes big news for SEO consultants, web marketers and even bloggers. Net Neutrality Made Easy At its core, Net Neutrality is the concept that ISPs (Internet…

Pepsi Ad Blunder

Pepsi Ad Blunder

Recently Pepsi Cola published an uninspiring ad featuring Kendall Jenner; I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now. The spot was produced extremely well, great visuals, crisp soundtrack, and decent enough acting. So why all of the outrage? Looks like the corporate team over at Pepsi is out of touch with today’s audience. Here are a few reasons why I…


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